Thursday, February 23, 2006


This author definitely makes an interesting point! It is interesting how she shows the two extreme point of view on the subject in question: teaching Shakespeare in the classroom. I would have never thought of half of the objections that came up and I couldn't help but wonder if this article was slightly far-fetched. It does however bring up an excellent issue. What happens when we try and please everyone?

It is impossible to please everyone and this article does an excellent job of demonstrating this. By giving the students/parents too much say in regards to the curriculum, a teacher's job becomes nearly impossible. The one girl in her class took Christianity too far and objected to any reference to anything REMOTELY controversial. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous. This is not the way most Christians think and in my opinion, education on controversial issues and not ignorance is the answer. As Dr. Runte would say, however, this is only my opinion and who am I to say that this value system is the right one? It is mind boggling when you really think about the job we are preparing to undertake. If we set out trying to please everyone, we will doubtlessly fail miserably. Each individual must find their balance and possibly try and steer clear of any extremely controversial issues. Many parents are happy as long as they are informed. If teachers work on keeping the communication open, I think that parents are less likely to get upset.


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Communication with the parents is totally key. It's hard to think that we have to steer clear of anything that could be extremely controversial. Lots of people would say that avoidance isn't necessarily the answer, that's a hard one for me. I don't think that it is our job to please everyone, like you say we will no doubt fail.

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