Sunday, January 22, 2006

NO: How TV Influences Your Kids

The author of this article tries to argue that their is no consistent evidence that TV has a negative effect on children's minds. His argument is unsound, however, because later in the article he states that not only does television have a role in producing aggressive play and real-life violence, but children often do not make connections between the violent (and exciting) lifestyles lead by criminals and the consequence of their actions.

I disagree with some of the points that the author makes. I think it is very dangerous to simply conclude that television does not have a negative effect on children's minds just because there is no "consistent evidence" to support it. I do agree, however, with the author's suggestion that television is less harmful if parents monitor and limit their children's television viewing. The problem with this, as the author acknowledges is that many parents are not so involved in their children's lives. In my mind, it is these children who are already lacking parental support, who will be most aversely affected and easily influenced by television.


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