Monday, January 30, 2006

High School Science Teacher Takes Fun and Excitement out of Science

This article describes the lonely and hopeless existence of a Science teacher who bases his course on primarily lectures and a couple of experiments which he performs for the class (while finding ways to make even this change in routine dull and mind-numbing). While it is hard to take this article too seriously and believe that such a teacher exists, we have all had a less extreme version of this teacher. There are many teachers who make little effort to engage their students and simply teach the same boring lesson that they have taught for fifty years.

If I were to even bother criticizing this article (where to begin!), I would start out by pointing out a couple of major flaws in this teacher's philosophy. First of all, I believe that much of science is best understood through hands-on experimentation. Second, there are many different learning styles and direct instruction is not the preferred method for everyone. Besides, even for those who do like direct instruction, a little variety is always appreciated. One thing that I found very funny was that one of the teacher's reasons for not allowing the students to dissect frogs on their own (but simply watch a movie of other people doing it instead) was because they get too rambunctious when they try to do a lab. Wouldn't you be too? These kids are so used to being cooped up that they forget what it feels like to move and talk. Also, based on what we know about the guy, his idea of rambunctious is probably quite dillusional and strict. Finally, if we are to believe that he has ever even let them do a lab, what are the chances that it was something interesting?

This was an entertaining article and although extreme should at least gently remind us, as future teachers, of our responsibility to engage our students.


Blogger Michaela's Blog said...

I completely agree with your comments regarding this article. I have also read the article and just couldn't believe that science was taught in such a manner. I also agree that this article gave us future teachers a better perspective on our own teaching techniques. I appreciated your statment in that at least we learned to make our lessons engaging for all students.

3:58 p.m.  
Blogger Robert said...

Um, you guys did get that this was satire, right? (Everything in the Onion is fake.)

5:48 p.m.  

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